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Welcome back!!

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Welcome my lovely new students!!! I am looking forward to a great new school year and all the fun things we are going to do

Progress Reports

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Hello my lovely, smart students!!!  It appears I am missing some of my homeroom students signed progress reports!!  You must turn these in. If you need a copy please let me know!!

Bring in all your signed papers!!!!

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A lot of you haven't brought in your signed papers!! Make sure you bring them in!!


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Hello my Lovely students.... Please return your signed letters that were sent home on Wed. ASAP!!!

Info Forms!!

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A lot of you haven't turned in your info forms!! I need those asap!! Please have your parent or guardian fill out the front only and turn it in!! Make sure you turn your forms in!!!!

Your assignments

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I am hoping that all of my lovely students realize that your schoolwork is important! You need to take pride in what you do! I want to be proud of you and I know you can do it but you have to put your mind to your studies! Please stay focused and complete all your assignments for all your classes!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! Make me proud!!!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

Think Like a Historian

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Hello Boys and Girls, I just wanted to let you know that I wasn't able to post the power point on the resource section of this site. If you were absent and would like to view it see me during enrichment.. 

Supply List

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You will need the following supplies for a successful school year!!

1.   Pens (More than one. Black or Blue only!)

2.  Pencils with eraser tops (More than one!!) I prefer no mechanical pencils! 

3.  Pencil sharpener (It has to hold the shavings from the pencil!)

4.  Folder with pockets to keep handouts and homework in

5.  Box of colored pencils and crayons

6.  Glue sticks or glue

7.   White out or correcting pen

8.  2 Notebooks used only for Social Studies  (One will be kept in the classroom to be used as a daily             journal.) 

9.  Package of loose leaf paper for assignments to be handed in

Throughout the year we will be doing projects. When a project is assigned you will be responsible for the supplies needed for the project if the supplies aren't provided in class.

Scholastic on-line ordering

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Hello, Our classroom code to order books on-line is HGL4F. Your parents can use this code if you would like to order books directly from the internet. You can also look at past catalogs and order from them. If you have younger siblings you can look at catalogs for their age group. Remember you have to do a book report each quarter for English!!! :D

NECAP HINTS for writing

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Short Constructed Responses

READ, analyze the questions or prompt. Look for key words, such as describe, explain, compare, or define. These words tell you how to answer the question. Read the passage and underline the main ideas.

PLAN, organize your ideas and thoughts. It is a good idea to create a graphic organizer for your thoughts. For example, a web, columns, or other organizer that you are comfortable with.

WRITE, your ideas you've organized into complete sentences onto draft paper. Be sure to have an introduction and a conclusion.

REVIEW AND EDIT, check your draft to make sure you've answered the quesion/prompt completely and accurately. Check your response for spelling and grammar errors.:)