Supply List

Posted by tcampopiano on September 1, 2014 at 1:55 PM

You will need the following supplies for a successful school year!!

1.   Pens (More than one. Black or Blue only!)

2.  Pencils with eraser tops (More than one!!) I prefer no mechanical pencils! 

3.  Pencil sharpener (It has to hold the shavings from the pencil!)

4.  Folder with pockets to keep handouts and homework in

5.  Box of colored pencils and crayons

6.  Glue sticks or glue

7.   White out or correcting pen

8.  2 Notebooks used only for Social Studies  (One will be kept in the classroom to be used as a daily             journal.) 

9.  Package of loose leaf paper for assignments to be handed in

Throughout the year we will be doing projects. When a project is assigned you will be responsible for the supplies needed for the project if the supplies aren't provided in class.

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